Telling the Story of a Passion for Natural Stone that began in the 50s

Tirrenia Marmi S.p.A. was founded in 1954 and began life as a marble sawing and trading business, occupying part of what is still the company's premises today. Towards the end of the 1960s, it was purchased by the Bachi family, who continue to hold sole ownership.

The Bachi Family

After purchasing the company, the new owner, Giulio Bachi, adapted its business strategy to diverse market demands, showing from the very start a strong vocation for local and national marble trade. Soon afterwards, he also began trading in marble from all over the world, using his own processing plants to manage the entire production chain from rough blocks to finished product. In the years that followed the company expanded through the acquisition of nearby properties

A new boost for growth

All the experience and professionalism acquired over the years produced high levels of quality, organizational performance and excellent customer service, as well as on-time delivery, which has always been a feather in the company’s cap. In the mid-1980s, Bachi’s son Riccardo joined the company bringing new energy and new impetus to its progressive, constant growth. He added to the production of marble slabs inherited from his father by introducing high-quality granites from all over the world.

Making the supply chain stronger

In addition to implementing the granite business, Riccardo boosted the company by equipping it with increasingly innovative, high-performance processing machines, from squaring and block cutting to polishing lines. In just a short time, the company acquired a prominent commercial position, both in the domestic market and in Europe, as well as various Arab countries, and later in the complex US market as well, where it stands out for the high quality of its materials.

Evolving and Innovating

In those years, as the granite business developed, the company rapidly reached high levels of excellence, both in selecting and distributing materials as well as processing them, all carried out in-house, guaranteeing high level, consistent production and quality standards

Subsequently, with the introduction of artificial coverings, changing trends and the advent of increasingly more sophisticated, revolutionary processing techniques, marble entered the world of interior design and furniture with a new aesthetic value and significance, becoming an elite product and a source of inspiration for amazing, innovative projects.

In view of this evolution, Tirrenia Marmi carried out a farseeing reconversion process with regard to this valuable material, by expanding its marble collection, and enhancing its search for ever more exclusive, original materials to be used for innovative applications in architecture and design.

At the heart of the important process of reconverting to marble lies the search for new materials. Tirrenia Marmi successfully carries this out directly from the various quarrying sites around the world, where necessary, purchasing the quarries from which it sources new and exclusive materials.