SINCE 1954

TIRRENIA MARMI SPA was founded in 1954, specializing in the domestic supply of marble slabs. A few years later Giulio Bachi bought the company and today he remains the sole owner. From the beginning Tirrenia Marmi made a considerable impression selling into the local and national market, and shortly thereafter began selling internationally.

By the 1970s, Tirrenia identified that timely deliveries were just as important as exceptional quality, and thus, achieved its goal with the implementation of an efficient organizational structure.

View of the square

View of the square

By the mid-80s Giulio Bachi’s son, Riccardo, entered the company, and brought with him a youthful vibrance and a fresh perspective on the industry. He expanded the scope of the company to include a variety of granite from around the world.

Through direct visits to the quarry, careful inspection of raw material, and thorough production quality control, granite has evolved into the primary product of the company.

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Tirrenia Marmi